My Big Huge Weekend

I have been dreading this weekend for a while now, mainly because so much was going on…
On Saturday, Lela and I travelled up to Newcastle to see an old family friend of mine get married. I have known Madeleine since she was born and seeing her looking so gorgeous and grown up made me feel very old. It was a lovely ceremony, even though taking part in a full Catholic marriage ceremony and Eucharist was a little odd. It was weird being back in Church again, part of me felt very comfortable in this familiar surrounding, whilst another part of me hated being there. After the marriage ceremony, we went to visit my Nanna and Parka before heading to the reception. Yet again, everything was completely gorgeous. Normally in weddings there is at least one thing that looks tacky and overdone, but with Madeleine’s wedding there wasn’t a single thing. Even the speeches were brilliant, everyone that got up and said something spoke so fluently. There was no umming and ahhing, no mumbling and no giggling. There was crying though, but that was okay.
Lela and I had to leave early, so we didn’t see the bridal waltz, which was a shame.
We arrived home at around 12:30am this morning and I had to be at work at 10am. Today was the Great Big Animal Open Day which I have spent the last month working my butt off to help prepare for. I must say that the clinic looked amazing. We even had great looking displays including a video of a surgery, animals in cages (they were stuffed toys), info on lab work, posters on ticks, fleas and heartworm, x-rays on viewers and a mock surgery (a teddy bear was having open heart surgery). We didn’t have a huge number of people come through, but enough that it didn’t seem a complete waste of time. Hopefully we will get some new clients and our old clients will feel like they are getting quality service. It is only 7pm, but I can barely keep my eyes open. I think I shall have an early night.


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