To say I dislike Cityrail is really being too nice, I have much rage and fury for Cityrail after this morning’s fiasco. Being the hottest day since the new timetable came in of course everything went to hell. We had a signal failure between Redfern and Ashfield stopping trains in both directions and then just heading westwards (the direction I was going in). I ended up having to travel to Redfern and then travel back out and to Homebush. I arrived at work an hour late and the whole process took 2 hours *sigh*. Just what I didn’t need this morning when I had so much work waiting for me. I will be extremely glad when this Open Day is over and done with. Sure, it is a nice idea, but practically speaking it is hell. Catriona has gone overboard and is currently repainting the majority of the clinic. I am doing all the nursing work plus cleaning like a mad woman. Hopefully the clinic is going to look fabulous, but at the moment it looks like a bomb hit it. Everything is where it isn’t supposed to be as we try to repaint walls, get new stock in and make showbags plus do all our normal duties as well.
The good part of today is that Kumquat is still with us. Catriona had apparently found him a new home and he was supposed to leave this morning. Kerri and I were fairly bummed out by this, as we love our little clinic kitty. When I finally arrived at work, I went out the back to set up the hydrobath. I was standing there filling it up thinking ‘this isn’t the same without Kumquat trying to climb into the bath’, when I was almost bowled over by Kumquat running from the other side of the yard to greet me. I am still not entirely sure what happened and I didn’t want to ask Catriona as she was in a grumpy mood. Hopefully, Kumquat is here to stay, as even Catriona will admit he is very happy being the clinic cat.


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