The Temperature is WHAT??

Welcome to the hottest day on record for October… a blistering 34C here in Sydney. This is the kind of temperatures we get in January, not October. Luckily, it is the October long weekend, which means that I didn’t have to work in this heat. I just sat at home playing way too many hours of Sims 2 and loving it.
Also the warm weather has brought out swarms of bogon moths. Since I am terrified of moths, this is a very bad thing. We now have gigantic black moths flying around inside because it is too hot not to have the doors open. I really want air conditioning. Not only do I not cope well in the heat, I definitely don’t cope well with large terrifying moths in my house.
The surge in temperature has made me realise that I really do need to get my hair cut. I usually keep my hair to just above shoulder levels but apathy has seen my hair grow much longer than this. It is now long enough to put into a bun – this is way too long. Unfortunately, it will be another 2 weeks before I will be able to do anything about it.
The only plus side about the hot temperature is that I get to wear singlet tops. I love singlet tops, but I have never worn them as I believed myself to be too fat to wear them. After losing 10kg, I have braved the singlet top – and I love it. Now to find a singlet top that will not make what bra I am wearing a feature.


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