Monster Cat

Today one of my grooms was a cat – it has been the week for matted long-haired cats to be clipped. The cat was in a standard-sized gym bag which was closed. I opened up the gym bag to see a massive cat laying squashed up in there. The cat was not pleased to see me at all. I struggled to carry the hissing gym bag to our scales out in the waiting room, where the cat weighed in at 9kg (19.8lbs). Somehow we managed to get this giant mass of unhappy cat sedated without losing any limbs, a feat in itself. Eventually, it was sedated enough to get out of the bag and start on the clip. The poor cat was a mass of matts, which took ages to clip off. I just couldn’t get over how massive this cat was, it was like a mini-Mountain lion. You know a cat is huge when everyone who walks pass asks “What the hell is that?”
Of course being a large feral male cat it naturally had a rather masculine and fitting name….. Muffin.


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