When Kumquat meet Chicken

Since Kumquat has been the resident cat at our clinic, I have had to throw out all previous beliefs about cat behaviour. Kumquat LOVES water, he is obsessed by it. He is constantly in the sink or if you are out bathing dogs in the hydrobath then he sits on the edge of the bath and watches – which freaks the dogs out. When you are filling up the hydrobath he puts his little paws up on the edge to watch the water go into the tanks.
He is also a extremely curious cat about other animals. He loves meeting and greeting the animals in hospital and will signal his approval by trying to rub noses with them. Fast forward to Tuesday when we had a “rescue” chicken at our clinic. Chicken was dumped at a local kindergarten and was being minded by us until a rescuer came to pick her up. So Chicken is out the back in a wire cage on top of our isolation cage. I immediately sensed danger when Kumquat jumps on top of the iso cage and peers in at the chicken. My thought was “this is not going to end well”. So imagine my surprise when Kumquat and the Chicken start rubbing noses, well nose to beak. They spent most of the day doing that – just hanging out and rubbing noses. It was so unbelievably cute. When the rescuer finally turned up to pick up Chicken, Kumquat accompanied them through the clinic and had a final nose rub goodbye before heading off to torment Abby, Kerri’s border collie pup.


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