Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Lela and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this afternoon, and it was even better than the original movie, in my honest opinion

Johnny Depp was truly brilliant as the weird and eccentric Willy Wonka, the mannerisms and the voice were all just perfect. The kid playing Charlie Buckett, Freddie Highmore, was a pure pleasure to watch and boy, can he act. No wonder Depp begged Tim Burton for him to play Charlie. The film was very close to Roald Dahl’s original book and captured its essence in a way that only Tim Burton could. The score was done by Danny Elfman and contained all of his signature style, what I didn’t know until the credits was that Elfman did all the vocals of the Oompa Loompas. Definitely going to be buying the DVD of this film when it comes out.
However, the film has left me totally craving chocolate. Fortunately, I have a Wonka bar in the fridge. :)


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