This Week

Work has been insane this week. Monday was fairly quiet. We had a cat with a massive tumor on the inside of her left hind leg which we took a biopsy of. Then we had a tiny 3 week old pup brought in with a distended (bloated) abdomen. We tried to take a rectal temperature and the thermometer wouldn’t go in. More exploration revealed that there was no anal opening. The only treatment was euthanasia.
Tuesday and Wednesday was a whole series of grooms – 3 on Tuesday and 4 on Wednesday plus way too many dogs in for baths. I hate grooming. I really, really hate it. I also hate being the only one doing them and getting no help whatsoever. Lots of anger right there. I will be glad when this Open Day is finally over and Kerri might get her ass back in the treatment room and start helping out.
Still the added hours and additional pay is nice. I am hoping my hours will stay increased as we head into the busier summer period.
Final day of TAFE for this term today, then we get two weeks break, so even more potential to earn more money there.
I still haven’t made any progress on the “To-Do List” I created two weeks ago. That is very typical behaviour for me. I need to get motivated and get my ass into gear.


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