Public Transport

Quite frankly, it sucks. This evening trying to get home from TAFE, I was waiting at the bus stop for 40 minutes before being able to fight my way aboard a packed bus. One poor man lost it when he was told he couldn’t get on because the bus was so full. Surprising thing was that everyone nodded when he ranted about how every single bus was f*cking full. We all understood his pain and were feeling a very similar rage about the state of public transport in Sydney.
Except for TAFE days I get the train. Fortunately, I travel outside of peak hours and in the opposite direction, or else I would be having the exact same problem. The trains are overcrowded and now run at a reduced frequency. It is part of the train timetable upgrade – less trains running less frequently, and they call this an improvement. It is a joke. Now the government is talking about putting up the fares on the buses and trains because of the rise in fuel costs. They justify this by saying it is still cheaper than running a car. That’s nice… not. I take public transport because not only can’t I drive, I couldn’t afford to even if I could. The price of the train fare just fits my budget now. Not happy Jan!

On the bright side, I did three catheter placements today! Now to try it on a real animal instead of a glove stuffed with foam with thin tubing containing water and red dye.


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