Election Time

This weekend was Election time in Marrickville, thanks to our old member in the State Parliament resigning his position a couple of months ago. It was a fierce battle between the ALP party and the Greens. The Liberals didn’t bother having a candidate as they knew they didn’t stand a chance. The ALP’s candidate was Carmel Tebutt and she ran one of the most annoying and condescending campaigns I have ever had the misfortune to witness. Every week a letter would arrive from her outlining her policies, how she is “family-friendly” and going on about her son attending local schools. That is all she ever talked about. If you weren’t married with kids you didn’t even exist on her radar. Sure, we have a lot of young families in the area, but we also have a huge gay and lesbian population as well, not to mention a large aging ethnic population. She didn’t even throw a morsel our way… nothing, nada, zilch. It is what fucking irritates me about politics in Australia these days – if you aren’t married with kids, you don’t exist. Everything is catered to those with kids, absolutely everything. It is all the pollies care about, the family vote. I understand that families are important, but so are the rest of us.
Needless to say, I voted Greens whose pollies were inclusive of everyone; better public transport and more focus on the environment. Unfortunately, the ALP’s million dollar campaign paid off and they won the seat.
Just waiting to see how long it takes them to remove all the advertising off the telephone poles.


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