Rant Time

Some people should not be allowed to buy pets. I swear there should be a vetting process on people wanting to be puppies.
Last night three guys came into the clinic to buy puppy supplies. Their English was extremely poor but what I got out of the conversation was that they were on their way to pick up two female puppies they had just brought and were buying supplies.
They came back about an hour later with two pets Paradise Terriers – you know the tiny fluff balls they sell in pet shops that are an odd mixture of every small white and fluffy breed you can think of.
I thought they had come back for their puppies to be checked by the vet, but after much misunderstanding, they had returned to buy more stuff. Being polite, I asked them what breed the puppies were. They replied, “I don’t know, we didn’t ask.” Huh?? WTF?? You brought not one, but two dogs, and neglected to ask what breed they were. I am scared to think what kind of person would sell puppies to people who don’t even ask what breed they are. Actually I know what kind of person would… say hello to the backyard breeder.
Anyway, they wander around the waiting room some more and then one of them comes up and asks if I think huskies are a good dog to own. He honestly thought they were husky puppies. After wanting to bang my head against the desk a couple of times, I tell him in no uncertain terms that the puppies he has are not huskies. They buy more stuff and leave.
I feel so sorry for those puppies. I know they are going to end up in the pound in less than a year’s time. They aren’t going to be trained. They are sisters, so it is likely there will be dominance issues as well.
This is why there should be a vetting process. So idiots can’t purchase puppies they know nothing about.


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