Scary subconscious

I am afraid of my subconscious. I have been having some really vivid dreams lately, like being trapped in a Cityrail train fighting Darth Valer whilst Nathan Fillion ran around dressed as Han Solo. That one comes from having a discussion that the character of Mal Reynolds is very similar to that of Han Solo.

My dream last night came from an overload of bad Catherine/Sara CSI fanfiction. There is nothing else that would explain it. I dreamt that I was watching the season opener of CSI. Nick had lost the plot thanks to his experiences in season finale. For some reason, he decided to bury Sara in a whizbin – a shiny blue whizbin. He gives Sara the chance to say goodbye to the one person that means the most to her thinking that she would call Grissom, instead she professes her love to Catherine. There is a rescue scene and all ends up well with our two heroines embracing and declaring undying love. I remember being stunned out of my scary mind that the writers of CSI would do this. I was walking around the house thinking “WTF?”. Maybe CSI didn’t think they were appealing to the lesbian demographic or something. I was actually quite relieved when I woke up, for as much as I love my bad Catherine/Sara fanfiction, it is so out of character. Then part of me was bummed about missing the chance to actually see some lesbian loving on CSI. Given the spoilers I have read for season 6, it seems to be the season for totally screwing up the characters just so they can appeal to a certain demographic, that goodness knows what is going to happen.


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