I had three cat grooms to do today. One of the cats was so badly matted I had to use a #45 blade on it – this basically shaves all the hair off leaving only skin. It took me 1 1/2 hours to complete. My back is totally paying for having to bend over a table for the majority of today.

I have to ring up our real estate agent to get someone out to fix our toilet. The flushing ability of the toilet has been a long running issue. First you if you wanted to actually get rid of what you were flushing you had to only use the full flush. Then the full flush died, so you were forced to use the half-flush but keep the button depressed for about 30 seconds. Now something weird has happened and you practically have to reassemble the flushing mechanism if you want to flush the toilet. Time to call the real estate agent and deal with their shit. I hate our real estate agent, they are so slow in actually doing anything useful.

Sick of the little shits that turn up on vet_nurses and vet_tech that gush about how much they want to be a vet tech, but they don’t want to put any effort into becoming one. Getting the qualifications is always “too difficult” or takes “too long”. Or they go on about it being their dream job, but they haven’t even bothered to do any research on what the actual job is. One little shit tried to tell me off for being unhelpful for not answering her questions on what classes she should take. Well, it might help to tell people where you actually live you dumb ass. No point in telling you about the course I am doing if you don’t live in Australia. Apparently she has wanted to be a vet tech since she was 5, but has no idea about how to become one. Huh??? The industry can definitely do without having her in it.


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