Full of Rage today. Got to work and things were fairly busy, lots of animals in hospital plus a rep from Frontline. I got in and did a dental whilst Todd (the vet) sat and listened to what the rep had to say. Also groomed the dental dog as well. We had three more grooms to do as well. I get halfway through the first one and Kerri decides after doing fuck all since I got in, that she was taking an early mark of 1.5 hours and going home, which she did. Totally shafted me with three grooms plus another dental. Gee, thanks. I am sick and tired of her leaving early and leaving me with the bulk of work to do. Most of the time I have to suck it up as she is leaving to go pick up her kids, but her kids sure as hell don’t get out of school at 1pm. Well, she did do something whilst I was at work, she complained about how much work she had to do yesterday whilst I was at TAFE and how busy it was – like that gives her the right to lump all of today’s work on me. So not impressed. I was totally rushed off my feet the entire day trying desperately to get everything done. To make things worse, this is my Saturday morning on this week, so I got to turn around to do it all again tomorrow morning. Plus I get not one, but two work experience students in to make life even more fucking difficult. I hate dealing with them as they are worse than useless.


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