Pure Boredom

Today was just boring, absolutely boring. It was the quietest it has ever been. My groom cancelled and our only consult this morning was a no-show. I thought we were going to get a walk-in, but after he found out you had to pay to see the vet, he walked straight out again. Let his dog pee over the entire waiting room without telling me as well. Lovely chap he was.
I spent my day doing the microchip form filing, which hasn’t been done for more than 2 years. I had the radio streaming online and in between batches of forms, I would read rpg.net, check my mail and look through livejournal. It was a very relaxing day actually.

Kumquat was full of energy though. He made it as challenging as possible to get what little work I had to do done. There is no way you can do the washing up if the cat refuses to move from in the sink. Even turing the tap on whilst he was in the sink didn’t even convince him to move, he just played with the water. I ended up having to lock him in the cat room so I could wash the cat bowls and litter trays.
Obviously after this, Kumquat thought he should have his rightful vengence upon me. He spent as much time as he could stalking me so he could attack my shoelaces and try to rip them out of my shoes. The rep from Bohringer thought it was hilarious.


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