You Can’t Stop The SIgnal

I went to see ‘Serenity’ last night. It totally rocked. We were lucky enough to see the release print with all the special effects, credits and music – plus a special message from Joss Whedon. He has just jumped from being amazingly cool to ‘I have a cerebral crush on this man’. Not only can he write dialogue that makes you laugh and cry at the same time, he is also amazingly humble and appreciative of his fans.

For nancyamazon, Joss totally pulled it off. The storyline was tight, no Star Wars sized gaping plot holes to be seen. The special effects were on par to any huge budget action film of the day. However, what made the film was the dialogue. It is so rare to witness a film where the dialogue is an important part and not just a medium to move the film forward to the next big action scene. It was hand crafted, pure Joss Whedon dialogue. What we all know and love from the Buffy and Firefly series.

I only have one thing to say… Joss Whedon is my Master now.


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