Unexpected Praise

Everyone in my vet nursing class has to do a class presentation on a topic of our choosing. Today it was my turn and I decided to pick a topic I thought would be relevant to our working lives – How to deal with aggressive dogs in clinic. I must admit I put minimal effort into this speech. I made a nice powerpoint presentation complete with pictures – and congratulated myself on being able to put a pic of LJ and Sue Bird into a speech on dog behaviour. However, beyond that I did no preparation. I didn’t write out a speech, hell, I didn’t even think about what I was actually going to say until I was standing in front of the class.
The speech went okay although, I must remember when linking to an embedded media file to remember to include a copy of that media file on the CD or else it won’t work. At the end of the speech my teacher asked if he could have a copy of my powerpoint presentation. I was a little surprised and numbly handed over my CD.
If that wasn’t enough, later on during our practical class, my teacher told me that my boss should be proud to have such a great behavioural nurse working in his clinic. *beam*
To top off a damn good day, our teacher is going to teach us how to insert a catheter and spend timing perfecting our technique. His aim is to have us all masters of catheter insertion by the end of the year.


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