Rant about government policy

Government to monitor mosques and schools

This makes me fucking mad. It is an act of total hypocrisy. Christians can spew as much hatred against gays and people of other faiths without any fear of retribution from the government. Meanwhile, Muslims are now being watched by the government simply because of events that have happened overseas. I agree with Muslim leaders and the government holding meetings to try to get rid of extremist elements that may be present in their religious community. What I don’t agree with is the government decision to decide what should be taught in Islamic schools.
For those of you who did not read the article (shame on you!), the Australian government is telling all Islamic schools that they must now teach “Australian” values (whatever those are these days), if they don’t, they can “just leave the country”. Nice. I don’t see the government telling Christian or Jewish schools that they have to teach these values. Also what about the public schools that have a huge multicultural student population, including many new immigrants? Wouldn’t it make sense that this is audience you want for the teaching of “Australian” values?
Also, because influencing their schools circulum is not enough, the government will now be spying on what is preached in their mosques as well. This is like a big neon sign saying “We don’t trust you”. It is offensive to say the least. It is is also unAustralian, in my opinion. We used to be a country that respected people’s right to practice their own religion. Now their religion has to be closely monitored.


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