Monday, Bloody Monday

Some days I love working my Monday morning shift, other days like today, there is not much love more like a low simmering rage. Today was “Aggressive Dog” day. I had a schnauzer to do a full groom on, who decided halfway through her groom that it would more fun to bite me than to stand nicely for me. After I muzzled her thus putting an end to her biting, she decided that throwing fits and going completely pyscho would be more appropriate. I now have bruises and welts all down my right arm.

Our next aggressive dog was also a groom. I got all the fun today. This is a long-term client of ours so I knew what I was in for. He was supposed to turn up at 9am but arrived at 12pm. Ugo is a bad-tempered Maremma Sheepdog, whose owner completely neglects to bath or brush it for a year and then brings it to us. Usually it is okay to sedate the hell out of the dog and shave it all off, but this time, the owner wants some length left as it is cold at night. So I am looking at this matted mess of a dog thinking no way and tell him that. He claims that a bath will just get rid of it. I point out the huge mats hanging off the dog. The owners response was, “You can just brush those out”. You have to be fucking kidding me! I told the owner that I would do my best to leave it as long as I could. Then after the dog was sedated, I shaved it all off. *evil grin*
Ugo actually did pretty well, he stayed nicely sedated for his groom and even after coming out of it was fairly well-tempered for him for me to bath him and get him settled in his cage. This is when the 1st year vet student decided to stand in front of the cage and torment the dog. I kid you not. She is standing there totally eyeballing the dog and making weird noises at him. Poor Ugo completely loses it and goes ballistic. She thinks this is amusing. She didn’t think my huge lecture about the appropriate way to handle aggressive dogs was all that funny. Pity.. I was hoping that this work experience kid would have been not a complete idiot like all the rest.

Also got lumped with the vet’s 8 year old nephew who had the day off school. He irritated the hell out of me by asking when Kumquat could come out of the cat room every 10 seconds. The fact we had two aggressive dogs in the treatment room was pointed out to him numerous times as being a very good reason as to why a cat couldn’t also be in the room. This wasn’t a good enough explanation for him as he kept asking and asking, so I ended up completely ignoring him until he was finally sent home. I really don’t like kids.


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