Must be the week for idiots

I had a lady come in to buy some cat food last night who then wanted some advice. The family has a corgi which they got last November and recently they have moved from a place with carpet to a place with wooden floors. The lady was horrified about how much the dog shed all over the floor and on their clothes and wanted to know what to do about it. I gave her some simple tips; brush the dog regularly so the loose hair is brushed out rather than falling on the floor, and sweep often. She got angry at me and demanded that I give her a solution to the problem. I am not entirely sure what she wanted me to do about it. I can’t stop the dog from shedding, it is a dog and it has fur. I explained about dogs blowing their coat at this time of year and that creating more hair and re-explained the importance about brushing the dog regularly. Apparently that wasn’t good enough, but she sure she wasn’t going to get any more from me. Therefore, she bitched about the price of the food and then complained that getting the food on her debit card was also going to cost her money as we were using the wrong type of EFTPOS machine. I tried to explain that banks don’t charge for point of sale transactions, only using a different bank’s ATM draws the charge. I got yelled at for that too. Apparently I go to some weird bank that uses totally different rules to the rest of the world. *sigh*

Tia (the cat with the fractured pelvis) is still with us. Her owners called up last night after we left a message about her increasing bill. The money in their bank account has ‘mysteriously’ disappeared. Not my problem mate. Apparently they can get the money to us by Saturday, so Tia is staying with us until then.


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