Being Thursday, it was TAFE day. Again I was frustrated about the fact that our class got shafted and ended up with two teachers. Individually, they are great guys but their teaching styles are so different. Greg, who teaches us for the first 1.5 hours is extremely anal, everything on the powerpoint presentation is important, but not important enough for us to have time to write it down, but still it is stuff that we should have summerised. Thank the gods, I am a fast writer and can get it down as it is impossible to read something, think about how to summerise it and listen to what is Greg is saying all at the same time. Chris, who takes the class for the second 1.5 hours is really laid back. He usually looks at the powerpoint presentation and tells us that there is too much crap in there we don’t need to know and skips over half of it. He does however, pause on the pages that are important and allows us to copy it down.
It is damn confusing working out what is supposed to be important and what isn’t.

Gods knows what is happening with my workplace assessment as that has not been sorted out yet – only got 3 more months to get it signed off, and I have had one visit this year. Doesn’t help that my old instructor was my workplace assessor either.

The whole situation is totally screwed up and just reaffirms that it is honestly a complete waste of time. Still I will get a shiny certificate saying I am a fully qualified vet nurse. I won’t have the skills I feel I should have though, just a shiny certificate. It is turning out very much like my university degree – it looks nice but doesn’t mean anything. It scares me that I can do no work whatsoever and still score between 90% – 100% on my test every week. I do an assignment that I barely put any effort into, that bores me stupid and it gets an Excellent grade with the teacher saying how impressed he was with it. It is all theory – theory I can do, but practical skills I can’t.


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