Revenge of the Idiots

Some clients are just real idiots. Today, we had a lady coming up to pick up her dog that had escaped her yard, yet again, and thus whilst it was with us, we were to bath it. She gave me one of those credit/debit cards, so I asked, “Is this on credit?” to which she replied “yes”. So I put the transaction through and give her the receipt to sign. She looks at the receipt for a minute and then tells me that it isn’t her credit card but her husband’s and asks if she should sign it anyway. No, you fucking idiot! If it isn’t your card, you can’t sign it. I then have to refund the credit card and put it through on debit. Why oh why she didn’t originally put it on debit I will never know.

Also we have in a cat that looks like it will be calling our clinic home for a while. Client rings us up yesterday saying that she thinks that her cat has a broken leg. We tell her we will need to x-ray it and give her a quote on how much that will cost. She then asks (and I quote), “Do you have to x-ray it?” After much discussion about the medical need to use x-rays as a diagnostic tool, she agrees to bring in the cat and get the x-rays. The cat comes in and we find a fractured pelvis – not a broken leg. Last night, Kerri goes to discharge the cat, but the client’s credit card won’t accept the charges. Company policy is that the animal stays until over 50% of the bill is paid. The cat stays with us. Fast forward to tonight, and we have yet to hear about from the client. *sigh*

From idiotic clients to clients who give their animals idiotic names. Two new cats in today with the names “Precious Tutu” and my favourite “Blueberry Buddha”.
That’s almost as good as the Pommerian/Chihuahua called “Giant Dude”.


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