Even More Parvo

I am fucking sick of parvo. It is winter and we have been having the coldest weather this season, this is not the time for parvo!
Billy recovered enough to be sent home last night. Then this morning we got two more dogs in with parvo. *sigh* One of them is the dog of a foster carer, and he is only a little bub (4 months old). Todd and I had great fun trying to catheterised two dogs who were dehydrated and had almost no blood pressure…not. I have mentioned how much I HATE parvo. Thus I worked 1 1/2 hours of overtime and at $20 an hour (weekend rates) my pay is going to look sweet. This is also adds to the 3 hours of overtime I did yesterday when I got called in early, plus my mega 12 hour shift on Monday. I might actually have a decent paycheck for once.
I am, however, absolutely shattered. I need sleep. I need for there not to be dogs dying on me on Monday.


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