The Return of Cumquat

Cumquat came back from next door this morning and was a physical wreck. I don’t know what happened to him over there, but his back half was wet and he was shaking and looked totally freaked out. He recovered after having some food and a sleep in his bed. He is back to playing in the garden and is currently crashed out asleep on “his” office chair. Poor little guy, still he looks very happy to be back home.

Had two cats to groom today – Willow and Parker (yes, their owners are Buffy fans). Parker was fine to sedate and stayed sedated through out his whole groom. Willow, on the other hand, decided to cause as much chaos as possible before being sedated. Then she was fought off the sedation about 5 minutes into the groom. Another round of sedation provided another 5 minutes before she decided that she had had enough and tried to crawl off the table.

Still at work atm. Catriona is off “swaning” ie going shopping during work hours, so I decided to take full advantage of our new broadband connection. :)


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