Billy the maltese with parvo is still hanging on in there. He attempted to die a couple of times today, but he is still with us.

I got to insert an ET tube into a dog and perform a dental. I am gradually getting better at dentals, I have got scaling down to an art form, but polishing is still a struggle. It usually ends with me covered in fluoride polishing gel whilst the dog’s teeth remains eeriely absent of said gel. I think the trick is to not turn on the polisher until it is touching the dog’s teeth otherwise it just makes the gel splatter all over the operating theatre.

Cumquat, the clinic cat, has gone to live at the Indian Restaurant next door to become their rat catcher. He is currently on trial. Unfortunately, between the entire staff of the restaurant, they know nothing about cats. Ahmed thought that Cumquat was having breathing difficulties when Cumquat was purring away like he always does. Should be interesting to see how they all get on and if Cumquat can actually catch any rats.


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