Ranting and more ranting.

Just finished my clinical pathology assignment. What a waste of time that was. I don’t think I have ever been so bored by an assignment.

Still having major computer problems at work. On Wednesday, the computer tech and I worked out that the problems with running QuickVet on the office computer was because of conflicts with the printer at reception. We uninstalled the printer off the office computer and the tech guy recommended we get the Quickvet techs in to uninstall the program, then reinstall the printer then reinstall the program. I left a note for Kerri explaining all this. I thought I made it fairly clear that the office computer was not to have the printer reinstalled on it. Obviously not. I got to work on Friday afternoon to be greeted by Todd saying that they had reinstalled the printer on the office computer and now Quickvet wasn’t working. *bangs head on desk violently* I restated what the problem was and why reinstalled the printer was a very bad idea. Only to be told “but we have had the printer installed for months without it being a problem, so I just reinstalled it again. It should work”. Well it doesn’t. I pointed out that it doesn’t and the problem needs to be fixed by the experts. I am not going to try to fix it if you are going to fuck it up again just simply because it should work! Arrrgh!!!
Yes , you were right, now every computer problem is now something for me to fix. Then again, it always was. I am just expected now to fix things that I tell people not to do in the first place.

I have had it up to fucking here with Lynn from Paws ‘n Hooves. Not everything is our fault.
Her latest bitch is that we are releasing information to other rescue organisation about her and her current parvo problem. Back in June(?), Lynn had in total 14 puppies in our hospital all with parvo. 6 of them died and the whole exercise cost her about $6,000. All because she didn’t bother to vaccinate the pups whilst bringing in dogs from a pound that had a well-known outbreak of parvo. Now, apparently, we have told other rescue organisations that her pups had parvo when she tried to put it out as a “stomach virus”, how many pups were involved and how much her account was.
The rescue industry in Sydney is extremely incestuous, everyone knows everyone elses business and that is usually because carers are working for two or more organisations at once. She put her website that the puppies had a “stomach virus”, well it doesn’t take a leak of information to work out that it means parvo. Also she claims that she never wrote on her website the number of puppies involved, however, I swear we got a flyer that said that 14 puppies were rushed to the vets, cause I was surprised at the number.
The only information I know we told people ringing up to donate money to Paws ‘n’ Hooves is that the bill was expected to be between $5,000 and $6,000.
I wish Lynn would deal with her traumas with certain other rescue organisations and stop harassing us with her conspiracy theories that we are supplying them with private information.


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