I’m so the net girl

Yesterday we had broadband installed at work. It was a complete and utter disaster. Firstly, we didn’t think the Telstra guy was coming because we changed the phone line on which the ADSL was on and were told that our appointment had to be changed. Then as it turned out, we had to get a separate phone line installed as the original phone line was running through our Commander system. Lots of problems and I left before everything imploded.
Today, I arrived at work to find that not only did we not have the internet, but our vet software was crashing as well. I was asked to fix it.
I started by removing the wireless network that they tried to install, because there is already an ethernet hub installed and all computer are wired to it. We don’t need two networks, one is more than enough trouble.
After crashing and killing our vet software and trying to take the network with it. I eventually got all three computers online and the vet software back up and running. The whole process was incredibly painful and once again firewalls prove to be the bane of my existence. Who would have thought that our system already had a firewall installed? I certainly didn’t.
Then I decided to go a step further and change our username from some ridiculous set of letters and numbers to something resembling our clinic’s name. This is when I discovered undeniable truth that Telstra are indeed fucking idiots. When writing down our username and password, the idiots put it all in the wrong fucking case. How hard is it to put things in lowercase instead of capitals and save me having to call the technical help line??
When I finally got the old username and password sorted out, then there stupid website decided to sit there and silently mock me by doing not a damn thing when I tried to change the username.
I have much rage for Telstra and our clinic hasn’t even been a client of theirs for 24 hours.

However, on the plus side, I have earned many a brownie points by setting up the ADSL and getting all the computers online.


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