Shaved Rabbit

Spent two and a half hours shaving a rabbit today. Oh yes, my day was just one big ball of excitement. To make matter worse, we have a work experience kid in for the week. There was nothing much going on at work today, except for me shaving the rabbit. So the poor kid had to watch me shave the rabbit for two and a half hours. He also had to listen to be bitch about shaving rabbits as well. His day really sucked.

One small exciting thing did happen though. We had a 7 year old female doberman brought for desexing. The owner wanted a pre-anesthetic blood test done and to check for Von Willebrand’s disease which is the equivalent to haemophilia in humans. Since the blood was taking forever to clot in blood tube, we sent off blood for more extensive testing and postponed the surgery. We definitely did not want to run the risk of the dog bleeding out on us.


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