My Summer of Substance Abuse

Went to the movies today to see “My Summer of Love”, a British lesbian film that not only won at BAFTA award, but also opened the Sydney Film Festival. I was expecting to see something unique in lesbian cinema and whilst moments of the film were great, all in all, it was just another lesbian film where one of the couple goes pyscho and tries to kill the other. Ho hum. I am over psychotic lesbians on film. However, the preview for the movie was “Saving Face” that was having an advanced screening this weekend. It looked interesting so we decided to go and see that as well. Besides when else do you have the chance to do a back-to-back lesbian film double at a straight cinema?

Saving Face was fucking brilliant. Starring Joan Chen, it was a story of a mother and daughter both keeping secrets from each other about their love lives. Ma is 48, single and pregnant, whilst Wil is a lesbian. Neither of these situations is at all acceptable in their close-knit Chinese community. Wil embarks on a relationship with Vivian at the same time she finds out that her mother is not only pregnant, but moving in with her. To get Ma out of her house and her life, Wil tries to set her up on a series of disastrous dates whilst trying to keep her own love life a secret. As you can imagine girlfriend Vivian is none to impressed about being kept a secret. To say more about the film will only spoil it, but it was a gorgeous look at not only the relationship between mother and daughter but living life in an Asian community. It is a beautiful film and one that I want to see again and again. I seriously debated seeing the 6:30pm session after getting out of the 3:30pm session. If this film is playing anywhere near you, rush out and see it. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.


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