Still sticking to my diet… 3 days in and I have lost a kilo. Go me!
Also doing a pilates workout in the mornings using a fitball and a resistance band. I am really enjoying it. The workout doesn’t leave me completely drained, but instead leaves me with an almost energised feeling.

Had physio this morning. Lots of manipulation of my knee joint. Going to see how I do this week before scheduling another appointment.

Also had TAFE today. Things are really screwed up there. Our old teacher has resigned from teaching our class because he has to go and get his Dip.Ed in order to qualify as a full-time TAFE teacher. Instead of getting a single replacement teacher, we have two of them pretty much joint-teaching our class. They have also never taught before. Oh the fun… not. Doesn’t help that the teen angst section of our class is bitching and moaning about assignments. Apparently, it is not acceptable that our clinical pathology assignment doesn’t have to be in great detail and will not be given a mark. Get over it. This is not high school where teachers want a high standard of work. This is TAFE and all the teachers care is if you do the work, not how much you can write on the subject and how beautiful you make your assignment look. This is a crap course and has been a crap course for the past 18 months, that is not going to change in the last 6 months, especially when we have two teachers who have no idea what is going on. Deal with it and move on. Bitching and moaning and making a huge fuss will not help the situation.


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