Health Kick

Back on another health kick. My aim now is to lose my remaining weight to get back down to a healthy weight.
I would love to get below 70kg, but would happily settle for 73kg.

I brought a “Ball and Band” exercise pack on the weekend, which contains a fitness ball, a resistance band, a book and a DVD. I tried the Level One workout this morning – damn, that was a good workout. I am ready to head back to bed, instead of heading to work.

Also I am changing what I eat for lunch. Instead of peanut butter sandwiches, I have salad. I am eating way too many carbs and not enough fruit and vegies. Also packing some carrot sticks along with my green apple to munch on as well. Plus, I am cutting down on my Coke consumption and trying to get to only have one Coke a day during the week. I am sure my body doesn’t need all that sugar and caffeine.

I am currently at 80.5kg, so my level one goal is to shed about 5kg over the next two months. More would be nice, but I am not going to be over harsh on myself, or else I get myself into a depressive state and give up entirely.


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