Riayn Does Physio

After my public shaming by Lela on Tangency, I went to the physio today. Turns out that I have a weak knee joint and screwed up leg muscles, or what is known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Basically, the muscle that runs down my outer thigh is fucked.

The physio started my session by massaging my ITB muscle and introducing me to a whole new level of pain. Not satisfied with that pain level, he then gave my knee joint an ultrasound massage. Then to prove that he was one sadistic bastard, he finished off the treatment with electric stimulation. This is basically attaching some huge metal cup-like structures to your upper thigh and knee joint and sending an electrical pulse down it every 2 seconds for 10 minutes.
Now not only does my knee hurt but now so does my thigh.

I have to go back next week for more torture.

Apparently, this is supposed to help me get better and tomorrow I might agree, but tonight when it all hurts, I am a cynic.


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