Irritating Clients

Today must have been irritating client day, either that or severely harass and piss me off day. One of the two.

Anyway, first client irritation – an old lady who wants her dog bathed. Mrs G calls at 9:30am wanting her dog bathed and since we have a huge surgery scheduled for today, I tell her to bring her dog down straight away and I can bath it. She rings back 5 minutes later and says that she can’t come in until 10:20am. No problem say I. At 1pm, during the middle of the big surgery, she comes in with the dog. I tell her that I can have the dog ready to go at 3pm but no early as I am in surgery. She leaves *with* the dog. I must admit I am a little stumped about how I can bath the dog when she has taken the dog with her, but I then come to the conclusion that she wants me to bath the dog at 3pm. I also get the impression that she wants to wait whilst I bath the dog, which is something we don’t do, except in special circumstances like for guide dogs. She is old and the dog is a huge overweight chocolate lab, so I decide to make an exception. In the midst of finishing surgery at 2:40pm and trying to grab some lunch I get the bath already for the dog to show up at 3pm. Mrs G turns up at 3:45pm and expects me to finish the dog in the time it takes her to go to post office and back. Mrs G, why don’t you tell me that you just want the fucking impossible when you call okay? I can bath your dog, I can even get it remotely dry in a short amount of time, I might even be able to do both in 25 minutes. I can’t do it, if you won’t tell me when you are coming! I have much rage for Mrs G.

Second client irritation – the bartercard woman and her cat. Mrs M got her cat desexed at our clinic last Monday, which she paid for using bartercard. Not only was the bartercard in a thousand tiny pieces, she also brought her own signed receipts with her (but not the card number, which made the whole process an ordeal). Anyway her son calls saying that the cat’s wound is infected. I tell him we are open for consults between 4 – 7pm. He asks for an appointment at 3pm. *bangs head on desk* Finally get him to agree for an appointment at 4pm. An hour or so later, Mrs M gets on the phone and wants to know if we have any of her signed receipts at the clinic. I look and tell her that we don’t, cause really why on earth would we have her receipts. She acts like the world is now falling apart and that I am lying to her.
We do have our own receipts, but she doesn’t want to use them as her husband is the cardholder and has to sign for it etc, etc. Huge drama unfolds. I give up caring.
She arrives for her appointment as I am leaving and I take a look at the wound. It is the healthy infected wound I have ever seen. No swelling, no redness, no pus… just a nice clean wound. I leave before things get nasty.

The huge surgery we did today was most cool though. Had a mini Foxie in with Legge-Perthe’s disease, which is when the femoral head doesn’t get enough blood supply and starts to die. The only solution is the removal of the femoral head with a big hammer and chisel. A nice brutal sounding surgery and lots of fun to do. The surgery went well – the blackout in the middle of the surgery was not so fun. Two minutes with no lights and lots of freaking out was not what we needed.


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