Posting from work. Catriona has left early and I have a few minutes to kill.

I was wondering this afternoon if I was a bad person. Is it wrong to be totally annoyed by sales people who telephone you to sell you things and yet can not speak English? I hate telemarketers with a passion, but I hate foreign call-centre telemarketers even more. By the time I have worked out what the hell they are saying, I have already wasted precious minutes, minutes I just don’t have when I am at work.
I got lumped with a guy today who told me that he was working for some company on behalf of Telstra for what I believe was a free business pages website. All he wanted to do was confirm the details of the name of the business, our address, phone number and doctor names. This took 10 minutes. I won’t even explain the agony of us trying to work out that my place of work was indeed a veterinary clinic. I had an overwhelming desire to tell the guy my views on Australian companies using foreign call-centre that employ staff who can not speak English. Then again, he wouldn’t have understood me.


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