Pulled an 11.5 hour shift yesterday as Kerri called in sick. It was the worst possible day for her to be sick as we had 8 surgeries, the phone never stopped ringing and people never stopped coming through the door.
It was pure mayhem. Now the clinic looks like a bomb hit it and Catriona is back from holidays today. I wanted to get the place looking nice for her return, but there were simply not enough hours in the day. I am sure when she sees my timesheet she will understand.

Yesterday, during the mayhem we had the radio on and were listening to the Vet advice segment that is on every Monday morning. The vet on the radio was talking about desexing and remarked that he wished he never had his own male dog castrated as the dog is now fat and lazy. To say that I was outraged and disgusted is an understatement. It is hard enough getting people to do the responsible thing and get their dogs desexed without a vet perpetuating myths. It is true that desexed male dogs do have a slower metabolism, but what is so damn difficult about feeding the dog less food. Every day, I see stray dogs brought in my clinic and I witness first hand what happens to those that society no longer wants. To hear on a government radio station a vet say that he wishes he never desexed his dog and then to look at my ward to see all the pound puppies and kittens just made my blood boil. In Australia, over a half a million dogs are killed every year in pounds. Most of these dogs come from unwanted pregnancies, that would not occur if people desexed their animals. But hey, why be a responsible pet owner if it going to make your dog fat?


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