Easter eggs are not for beagles

On Firday night, I accidentally left my half-eaten easter bunny on the mantlepiece above our fireplace. I didn’t notice it there on Saturday morning either, but Rory did. She managed to get up, grab the bunny and devour it. Lela found her laying on the living room floor licking the foil. She called me at work to check that yes the foil did once contain my easter bunny and then rushed her over. Todd gave Rory a shot of apomorphine to make her vomit and then we took Rory (and Caleb who was there for moral support but was more interested in the kittens) to the backyard to empty her stomach. I must say that standing in the backyard whilst it is lightly raining listening to a beagle vomit isn’t high on my list of things to do. Half an hour later, we took the now very sick looking beagle home. Since apomorphine can make dogs cold and it was a cool day already, poor Rory spent the next 7 hours shaking, making me one very anxious mum. She stopped shaking after having some dinner, but then started up with some weird hiccuping-type thing for the next 4 hours. I panicked and called Todd. He told me to be on the lookout for bloat – really not the reassurance I was looking for. So I was back to being stressed out puppy mum. By bedtime, Rory was still doing the weird hiccuping but had no other signs of bloat.
This morning the hiccups are gone and Rory seems to be feeling herself again. No shaking or weird hiccuping. She is back to trying to steal things off the table again (though she was doing that within an hour of getting home from the vets).
I am now not allowed to have any Easter eggs.


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