Aerobics – Lounge Style

I attended my first aqua aerobics class today. I was quite intimidated before the class as it seemed everyone knew everyone else and what was going on, whilst I felt completely lost. I shouldn’t have been so uptight, cause once the class started I was having lots of fun. There is something fabulous gay about an aqua aerobics class run by your typical male instructor and a stereo belting out lounge music. Never would have picked lounge music for an aerobics class, but it kinda worked here.
The class itself was populated completely with women, mainly in the 50 and upwards age category, but there was a few of us younguns there as well. I was expecting the class to be a bit more hardcore and to only get through half of it, however, I completed the whole class and was feeling pretty good about it. That was until the walk home. I didn’t realise how much work my muscles had done in the class – and I am really feeling it now. My abs will never be the same. Unfortunately, thanks to Good Friday, there isn’t another class until next Tuesday. I am planning on going swimming tomorrow to do some laps, but if this rain keeps up maybe I might stay home and do some weights instead.


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