Fitness Spree

I am on yet another get fit spree. Since my last get fit spree in August last year, I have lost 10kg (22lb) and am now down to 79kg (174lb). This time I am going to try to get down to 73kg (160lb), and if I achieve that then see where I can get to. I would like to get my clothing size down to at least a 14 – as most clothing stores don’t seem to stock any sizes above this. I am currently hovering between a 16 and 18.

I measured myself today, so here are the stats;
Weight = 79kg
Waist = 92cm
Hips = 106cm
Bust = 95cm
Thighs (right) = 65cm
Thighs (left) = 60.5cm
Upper Arms (right) = 31cm
Upper Arms (left) = 31cm

My workout plan is to take full advantage of the fact that there is an indoor heated swimming pool about 10 minutes walk from my house. Therefore, I can comfortably walk there, do an hour’s worth of swimming and walk home. Apparently, they also have aqua-aerobics classes there as well, which kinda sounds like fun, but I shall have to call and make sure that the times on the website are correct.

Monday – Aqua-aerobics 6:30pm
Tuesday – Lap Swimming
Wednesday – Weights (or rest day)
Thursday – Lap Swimming
Friday – Aqua-aerobics – 9:30am

Now I am off to hunt for healthy vegetarian recipes.


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