Party Time

Proof that I am getting old – not only did I clean the house from top to bottom, but Lela and I also cleaned our leather couch cause we thought our friends would care that it looked dirty. On the plus side, our house looks amazing now, and the couch is looking cleaner than it has in years. I am seriously thinking of taking photos as proof that my place can look this clean.

The party was great, just what I wanted my 30th to be. Just hanging out with my friends and having a few good laughs. To make my birthday even better, all my friends plus Lela chipped in and brought me a Mini iPod. I have officially joined the ranks of the Pod People. It is sitting here on my computer desk charging away.

I am also really proud of the way my dogs behaved themselves, especially Caleb. When Caleb first came to live with us, he was terrified of people. He has gotten much, much better, but large noisy crowds still tend to frighten him. Last night, Caleb was the social butterfly of the party, he had a great time getting cuddles from everyone and spent the night going around the table for hugs and pets. His tail stayed up the entire night (his tail drops when he is unhappy or uncomfortable). Rory spent the night doing her damnest to look as cute as possible and trying to impress everyone with her tricks just so that they would give her food. It didn’t work as many times as she would have liked though. :)

The party wound up around 1am and this morning the post-party clean-up commences.


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