Birthday Girl

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. My morning started off being spoilt rotten as my girl got me the collection of James Herriot books, and Rory and Caleb piled on the bed for puppy snuggles and kisses.
I took myself shopping for cross-stitch supplies and spent way too much money. On the plus side, I got a thread organiser which I desperately need – and all the materials for my next project.
I then had to endure 7 hours of Tafe. It wasn’t too bad, but the stupidity of some people in my class made me want to bang my head against something hard. One girl honestly thought that Down Syndrome was cause by the mother having an accident or ‘doing something wrong’ during her pregnancy. Umm…yeah, right.
Last night Lela took me out to Green Gourmet, a vegan Chinese restaurant,, where we had a great dinner plus Green Lime Tea. I love that stuff.


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