Work had a party for me today, which I totally did not expect. They gave me a lovely giftbasket containing organic pasta and pasta sauce plus rich chocolate fudge sauce. Yummy!

Work was fairly busy today. We had in 5 rescue dogs that fortunately went home with a foster carer. The dog with pancreatitis was well enough to go home. We still have two in-hospital patients; a dog who had patella (knee) surgery today and Rustie, a 20 year old terrier mix who has SDS (stuffed dog syndrome), basically her organs are shutting down. We have to try to keep her alive for another 4 weeks until her male owner gets back from his army posting. Fortunately, she is doing much better than we expects, so she might make it.

The stray girl kitten got adopted yesterday, but Carlton and the older black kitten are still with us. So is Monty. His supposed new owner has never turned up and we aren’t really sure what is happening. However, since the arrival of the kittens, Monty is a much happy cat. He loves hanging out with the kittens all day – and I think they are making him feel younger. I have caught him pouncing around the room in an undignified way on several occasions, though he has enough pride to look embarrassed. Monty has also lost weight, since we put him on a diet. He is looking great. :) I really wish I had more time in the day to spend some of it hanging out in the cat room.

In preparation for tomorrow’s party, I decided to turn on our unused bar fridge. However, it made some weird noise and there was this burning smell. I quickly turned it back off and unplugged it. I guess we are just going to have to move things around in the main fridge to make room for the drinks.


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