Last Day of my 20s

As lelak ‘kindly’ pointed out last night, today is the last days of my 20s. Tomorrow I will be 30. I am not actually depressed about turning 30. Most people I know who have turned 30 had a list of things that they wanted to accomplish by the time they turned 30 and hadn’t done anything on that list. I have no such list, I am not that organised.

My 20s have been damn eventful, and to be honest, I would like my 30s to contain less upheaval. In my 20s I have moved out of home, moved to Sydney, finished my science degree, had three different careers, gone back to school, came out of the closet, got myself a wonderful girlfriend, gained two adorable dogs, have found many wonderful friends, watched way too much TV, worked my way through three computers, ended up in hospital twice, on crutches twice and had to give up alcohol. Unfortunately the last two points are kinda related. I didn’t actually ever learn how to negotiate gutters whilst drunk.

I do have some things I want to achieve in my 30s; buy a house, remain happily in love with my girl and stay with my current career.


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