Oscar Time

This would have to be the day that I most hate living in Australia. I like to watch the Oscars without knowing who has won what, especially if a film or an actress/actor that I admire is up for something.
However, the Oscars screen here about 7 hours after the awards ceremony in LA. This means that every radio station, TV station, newspaper, website etc, has all the results plastered all over it.
Already I have been spoilt for best supporting actor and best actress. *sigh*

One year when I was still at Uni, I spent the entire day at the cinema seeing films that had been nominated. I figured I would be with the fellow Oscar-lovers and no one was going to mention who has won etc. I was waiting for the second film to start with two old dears walked in and loudly announced, “Oh I love (name of actor), what a pity he didn’t win the Oscar but (other actor) did.” Death would have been too kind for them.

The worst spoiling of the Oscars I have been witness to was by the TV station that was screening the Oscars. All through the Oscars there are ads for the films currently playing that are up for nominations. Usually, the station has ads saying that the film is nominated for Best Picture or Best Actor etc. Though, once it screened an ad that started with Winner of Best Picture – before the Best Picture Category was announced. Kinda made the Oscars not worth watching after that ad.


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