Organising Our Trip

My parents came down to Sydney today to take Lela and I out to celebrate my 30th birthday, which is on Thursday. Lunch went okay, and I didn’t feel like killing my mother, so I guess that is all good. My parents are paying for Lela and I to visit them in England for Christmas this year. Sometimes I think it is the best present ever and other times I think it is so not worth having to deal with my mother as we organise it. Nothing is ever simple when you deal with my mother.

Anyway, we are planning to head to London, having a stopover in Vienna on the way for 2 days, then see a bit of England and have Christmas at my parent’s place. Then we are going to head to Paris and see the sights and then on to Amsterdam. We are still debating if we want to try and fit in Ireland as well. I have no idea what traveling and sightseeing is going to be like in the middle of winter. It is going to cold, but hopefully lots of fun. I am sure I will be sick of the cold and snow by the end of it.

I also have to get my passport renewed. I went and got my photos taken today and just have to get my ass into gear and go to the post office to apply for it. If I get myself organise, I will try and do that tomorrow as I am on day shift, so can call into the post office after my shift finishes.

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