TAFE Excursion

I had my excursion to the wildlife rehabilitation centre at the correctional centre today. It was actually more fun that I expected it to be. I was expecting us to be just walking around looking at animals in enclosures and filling out our assignment. But no, they got us to do some work, feeding the animals. My groups was assigned emus, kangaroos, wombats and wallabies. We had to cut up some tomato, lettuce, bread and root vegies as well as divide out the dried food which consisted of kangaroo pellets, corn, chaff, wheat and seed. Then we went around to the enclosures and got up close and personal with the animals as we distributed the food. My first customers were three extremely hungry emus who were waiting at the gate for me. I am not sure I appreciated the eagerness with which they awaited my arrival. I have had some not so pleasant run-ins with emus in the past. Luckily, I was with one of the inmates, who shooed them away so I could put the trays down without being attacked. Our other customers decided to stay well away from us and watch us lay out the food from a safe distance. We were also given a display on how to capture and restrain possums, and one of the officers got out a red-bellied black snake for our vet to examine some lumps. Poor Ben really wasn’t good around snakes, but he did his best not to look totally shit-scared.
Our afternoon consisted of doing exams over at Richmond TAFE. So not fun, but I think I passed them. *crossed fingers*

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