Work and Basketball

This morning at work was a nightmare, just as I predicted. To start off the day, the cat with pancreatitis bit me on the arm. It wasn’t a nasty bite, just two parallel scratches that hurt like hell and are now all red and inflamed. Thank you horrible cat!

The rescue lady arrived an hour and a half late and left half an hour after closing – and that was only cause I was so rude to her and continually commenting on the time. I swear she would have been there for most of the day if I didn’t keep at her that I had better places to be. The clinic is still a total mess cause we couldn’t get anything done with her, her people and her millions of dogs taking up every available space and cage. I am definitely going to try to put an end to her coming to the clinic on Saturdays, we have precious little time to do the things that need to be doing let alone trying to accommodate her. Hopefully, she will be too swamped with dogs to pile the work on us this week.

To make the day worse, my WNBL team the Sydney Uni Flames lost the Grand Final. They didn’t a play a good defensive or offensive game, and were playing catch up basketball for most of the game. Still they only lost by 5 points. Maybe next year, we will get someone who can get those rebounds. Rebounding has been the team’s major downfall for the past two years.

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