Work was pure chaos today. I got called in at 9:30am as we were just swamped by work. Not only did we have to finish the backlog of rescue dog desexes from yesterday, but we also had two other desexes and two other patients in for x-rays plus a poodle to groom. I think the first time I stopped was around about 5pm, simply cause I had to sit down and do all the paperwork for the rescue dogs (which I didn’t get time to finish). We also had a cat rushed in at 6:30pm with suspected pancreatitis. The cat is extremely difficult to work with, so getting bloods was fun.

I made sure I took some time out to check on little Carlton, actually I did it whilst I was cleaning out the cat room. He is doing so well after his amputation. He is running around like crazy and loves to madly dash under your feet whilst you are trying to work.
Monty is having a great time playing with Carlton and the stray girl kitten. He just adores them. When I let them out to play this afternoon, Monty went straight over to Carlton and started to groom him, taking extra special care of his stitches. Monty then groomed the stray girl kitten as well. The kittens just are simply infatuated with Monty, they watch him with these big adoring eyes. It is simply the cutest thing to watch. For some reason at our clinic, it is always the big male cats that are boarding with us, that seem to bond with our stray kittens and teach them how to use the litter trays and other cat behaviours. Their owners never believe us when we tell them how their tough male cat has been ‘mothering’ a litter of strays – they still can’t believe it when we show them either.

I have to work tomorrow morning *big sigh*. I am not looking forward to dealing with the evil cat with pancreatitis nor the 6 rescue dogs that are still in hospital. Also to make matters worse, one of the rescuers has taken it upon herself to have a mini-adoption day at our clinic tomorrow morning. It is going to chaotic and I just know that I won’t finish anywhere near on time. Tomorrow my patience is going to be really tested. I just have to keep reminding myself that I have the WNBL grand finals to look forward to tomorrow afternoon. Go the Flames!!!


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