Was back at TAFE again today to start work on the Australian Native Mammals unit. I thought that this was going to be interesting. It was billed as teaching us how to identify and treat native mammals that may be brought into our clinic. Having treated two possums before, I thought it was going to be great opportunity to learn lots of useful hints and tips in dealing with these animals. It wasn’t. It was 9 hours in a classroom listening to a man who every 2 – 3 sentences would forget what he was talking about or just simply forget words – and whilst he searched around and umm-ed and ahh-ed, you completely forgot what he was talking about in the first place. It was damn irritating. What made it worse was that this guy had an amazing background in zoology and research. He could have made the subject really interesting, but he was just a very bad teacher. Now I have 39 mammals I have to be able to identify for the test next week – and no real desire to do so.

Stupid Pet Owner story from yesterday that I completely forgot about until today. This guy calls the clinic and says that he has got a chihuahua that he brought from the pet store in September, and that he was playing with the dog today and he thinks there is something wrong with it. When I asked what happened he said that he looked into the dog’s mouth and saw that the dog had 4 teeth in between the two canines. He asked what he should do about this. It took all my effort not to laugh at this guy and tell him that dogs are supposed to have four teeth in between their canines. It further surprised me that the guy took 5 months to notice this.


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