We amputated Carlton’s paralysed front leg today. It was a very interesting surgery. Also I got to do the prep completely solo, and do all the dosage calculations. It felt pretty good working out the dosage rate for a 1kg cat when the dose rate is 0.2mL per 5kg. Mental arthritmatic has never been something I could do, let alone been good at. Obviously I had a switched on brain cell somewhere.
Carlton’s recovery didn’t go as well as the surgery though. The poor little guy had a very rough time waking up from the anesthetics. It was during this that I discovered that a kitten crying sounds disturbingly like a baby crying. It weirded me out for a while. However, by the time I left work, Carlton was awake and eating. By the time I go into work on Friday, I am sure he will be running around like nothing ever happened. His leg was hindering him playing and climbing – and he will happier now it is gone.

For some reason today, my body is protesting. All my muscles are achy and sore and I suddenly feel very old. Also I have a huge red splotch on my shoulder from banging it against a cage door. I actually did this yesterday and was immense pain – but there wasn’t a single mark on my shoulder. Tonight, it is red and ouchy – obviously my body takes it time to react to trauma. It did teach me to look to make sure no cage doors are open before I stand up though.


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