Our clinic is being overrun by cats at the moment. Well, not overrun per se, but today we had two stray young cats dumped at our clinic. A gorgeous black boy aged about 5 months and a girl with the oddest markings I have seen – white with two ginger spots on her butt and a tabby strip down the middle of her head – she is about 4 months old. Also Monty, our long-term boarder, has been surrendered by his owner. I am kinda glad this has happened, as Monty has been with us for over 3 months and the owner has never visited. Fortunately, the owner was sensible enough to find a potential new owner for Monty and she was in to visit him this morning and has fallen in love with him. So Monty will go home with his new mum next week. I am going to miss Monty. He is this great big fat black cat who goes into pure ecstasy when you comb him. I make sure I spend a couple of minutes combing him every day, cause the poor cat has been in the same room for the past three months, and is slowly going insane. I caught him hitting a tennis ball against the wall the other day. It was like those old prison movies you see where the prisoner is bouncing a ball against the wall, except this was a black cat. Whilst Monty has been with us, he has helped raised a litter of kittens and has been a playmate for three others. Monty just loves kittens.
Carlton, our soon to be three legged kitten, is also back for rehoming. Catriona’s father wants a Burmese and has offered to buy one for her birthday. So Carlton will be in for his amputation tomorrow and then when he has recovered will be looking for a new home, or if Kerri gets her way, will become the clinic cat.


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