I had my first day back at TAFE today. Just from talking to the teacher and going over what we are going to be studying this year, I have a feeling that this year is going to be not only more interesting than last year, but more directly related to work. Ben, our teacher, is setting a high standard on what we are expected to be able to do at the end of this year. So I guess I can’t slack off this year and still expect to get distinctions.
Also Ben is into computers and is setting up a web page for us containing resources and general announcements as well as a forum and a chat page. He is very into us getting along with each other and making ‘lifelong contacts’ as he calls them. It is a good idea, cause sometimes you can feel isolated from others in the industry, especially since there isn’t a huge online presence of Australian vet nurses and very few outside work events to chat to other nurses.
We are also going on excursions, formally called Industrial Visits, this year. Our first one is in two weeks time to a wildlife rehabilitation centre that is run by the inmates of a correctional centre. Should be interesting to say the least.


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